Friday, June 02, 2006

Crumpet, eh?

pictured above - Darth Bear; Crumpet at Granville Island; Mika Yoshimura

Team Mia ventured to Vancouver BC for the weekend, Crumpet's first ever international trip. Bordre patrol at the Sumas crossing was incredibly blase & weren't even impressed by this 4 months old with a passport. Sheesh....

Met up for dinner with Mika at a fantastic Japanese hibachi restaurant that specialize in Tsubune (ground meat on a stick grilled at 1000 degrees). We ate 28 sticks. No joke.

Our hotel was right off Robson (Mika, who really runs Vancouver, got us a suite on the 30th floor overlooking the bay at 1/2 price) so we spend a lot of time walking up & down and eating our way through it - be it breakfast crepes or watermelon gelato. Naturally made the prilgrimage to Chinatown and had excellent dim sum at Jade Dynasty.

Our favorite place was Granville Market which Gracie told us about. It's a public market located on Granville Island just south of downtown. Similar to the markets in Seattle and Phillydelphia with lots of near local made food products such as garlic nectar (garlic, lime & honey). We gorged ourselves with corn chowder pies, lemon cream canolis, bubble tea, pirogies and lamb pies. Found a fantastic butcher that cure their own meat and we purchased elk saucisson, wild boar & goose porciutto, pork & fennel sausage and phesant terrine. Another place made their own sauce and I purchased chimmichurri, a spicy apricot marinade and a chipolte/saffron butter. Felt good lying at the border (meat & produce? no sir, didn't buy any)


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