Thursday, July 13, 2006

Book Stud visits city of coffee

Book Stud is in town apparently for business, however so far we've only been eating, drinking coffee, eating, drinking beer, eating and drinking wine. What her business is I have no idea.

Baby Crumpet is quite taken by this new admirer (check out the pants Book Stud knitted for her) and showed her appreciation by chumping on Book Stud's delicate fingers.

Rosemary also tried to win her affection by apparently trying to get into her bed & nibbling on her ears. Given that this is a family blog and Rosemary is a feline I'll refrain from further scandalous details....

Among the activties taken place during the visit to Seattle includes coffee at Vivace on Capital Hill; lunch at Matt's in the Market (tuna sandwich w/t wasabi & mama lil' peppers); fruit rollups and honey sticks at the Market; mole sausages (made from pork, chocolate, cinnamon & achote peppers) at Salumi; and the obligatory stop at Elliot Bay bookstore.

Dinner was at the house of dear friends & fabu authors/human beings where we were treated to salmon cakes, french beans and wild rice & lots of delicious Rioja wine. We love it when people visit!


Blogger La Gringa said...

Oh, dear. You've been hanging around Book Stud too long. Did you ACTUALLY just use the word "fabu"???

7:49 PM  

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