Monday, July 23, 2007

Crumpet visits Bay Area

Baby Crumpet took mom & dad to the Bay Area to visit family & friends.

Middle: we visit Grandma Dot at her home in San Mateo. Uncle Lyman joins us for dinner. We're in the private dinning room because, hm, I didn't realize there was dress code and came in jeans so we were not allowed in the main dining and had to walk in from the garden door. I'm also wearing the borrowed restaurant jacket. The shame is complete.

Last photo: we visit Sharika & her parents Sona & Paul in Redwood City. Sharika is a recent arrival with beautiful, big eyes and a very sunny disposition. Sona's parents just happen to be visiting so we were treated to authentic Indian cuisine. Yum.

Top photo: we visit the Wei family in Fremont (Richard, Grace, Ashley & Serena) + Claire & her daughter Rebecca joined us for dinner. Richard & Claire are among my oldest friends from high school. I have not seen either of them for years and have never met their children. It was just fantastic to catch up on old times plus looking at our growing family!


Blogger La Gringa said...

When is Baby Crumpet gonna come visit Auntie La Gringa again?

4:53 PM  
Blogger Ku said...

she will be in NY in October for cosmo girl's wedding

9:47 PM  

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