Thursday, January 01, 2009

2008 Year Book

- Crumpet turned two on the 19th. Dinner party with ''Italian'' theme
- Chris Rhodes visits from Texas - spent New Year's Eve playing cards; later visits Mt Baker
- Visits Portland, Baltimore, New York & Philadelphia
- Book club book: Eat, Pray, Love
- Goes to Vegas with Crumpet & Adrian; sees Beattles LOVE and Richard Cheese live

- Superbowl party at Gracie
- Visits Tokyo & Seoul on business; visits Osaka & Kyoto to see my friend Mutsumi
- Sold condo in Queen Anne
- Cleaned crawl space & re-installed insulation
- Visits Ann Arbor

- Goes to Seattle Dog Show with Crumpet & Adrian
- Visits Baltimore
- Homemade corned beef/krauts & sheppard's pie for St Patrick's Day party
- Scott & Evan visits; goes snowboarding in Baker
- Attended Nathan's birthday party
- Chinese New Year party at Cathy
- Took Crumpet to Minneapolis to visit Amy Brown; also saw Ron Lundquist
- Book club: the Man who ate everything

- Visits Justine/Nico and Lipovsky/Cristina in London; Anne-Lise & Simon in Stonehenge
- Visit Portland with Gracie. Crumpet & Adrian
- Adrian visits Colleen in NY
- Visit Toronto

- Visit Crystal in Atlanta; eat at Fat Matt's Rib Shack
- Adrian & Crumpet goes to grandma Mary's funeral in Oakland
- Visits Baltimore & LA
- Attend Seattle Cheese Festival
- Book club: Like water for chocolate

- Visit NY
- Goes to Deming Log Show with Crumpet & Adrian
- Starts family vacation in France & Swiss Alps; visits Ion-Marc & Sonia/Serge in Geneva

- Continues family vacation in Italy & Amsterdam
- Visit NY, San Diego
- Goes to Int'l District Festival with Crumpet & Adrian
- Goes to Lynden Raspberry Festival with Adrian & Crumpet
- Josh visits Seattle
- Family vacation in Montana

- Pig roast at Adrian's birthday party
- Ivan, Heather & Abby visits Seattle
- Visits Baltimore & Portland
- Family vacation to Vancouver, BC
- Attends Lynden Fair with Crumpet, Adrian, Jim & Nathan
- Gracie's birthday party

- Visits Portland, NY & LA
- Attends Big Green Egg Festival with John, Cathy, Maya & Crumpet
- Anniversary dinner with Adrian at Rovers

- Attend cousin Clifton's wedding in Seoul
- Attend grandpa Percy's funeral in Oakland with Adrian & Crumpet
- Book club: My life in France by Julia Child
- Visits Frankfurt & Baltimore

- Visits mom & grandma in China with Crumpet
- Lily & Kai's birthday parties
- Book club: Heat
- Grandma Dot's birthday party in Menlo Park with Crumpet & Adrian

- Ku's birthday party with ''Moroccan'' theme
- Visits Toronto, Baltimore & SF
- Family vacation in New England
- Katherine & Nathan visits Seattle


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