Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Dinner at Risko

Baby Crumpet with Jenn & Lilly

Dinner w/t the Riskos at their wonderful Leschi home (love the magnetic paint in the kitchen). Jenn is the fabulous publisher of Shelf Awarness - the leading newsletter on publishing news - and a wonderful cook. Dinner was homemade dip, shrimp w/t grits, salad and for dessert cherries & blueberries baked (baked!) with whipped cream. Add a few bottles of wine and everything is good to go.

Jenn's husband, Braden, is an IT security guy at Starbucks but we don't really believe that's his real job. Braden was a crypto in the Army, is fluent in Arabic and used to run the show at McAfee (think Randy Shaftoe from Cryptonomicon but thinner & better cook). He probably spend his day trying to break into Dunkin' Donuts' mainframe. Otherwise it can't be true that working at Starbucks is filled with coffee & food tastings all day as Braden claimes, can it?


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