Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Smoothie city

Because I was depraved of fruits as a child I'm a Jamba Juice junkie.

It's a nice ritual as I pick up a Acai Breeze or Mango Madness or Carribean Passion each time I go to Whole Foods, which is like twice a week.

Then one day Gracie mentioned, why not make your own smoothie?

Out came the excuses - the clean up, no time, the prep, George Bush

Wait, all lame. Let's do it. The rest is history.

Now I'm a smoothie making madman. Watermelon. Peach. Vanilla Yogurt. Mango juice. Banana. Strawberry. Plum. Apricot, Cherry. Anything goes. The secret? Dash of carbonated soda to add some jazz. Clean up take less than 60 seconds. Can't wait to try some on Baby Crumpet.


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