Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Baby Crumpe at 6 months

July 19th was Baby Crumpet's 6 month birthday. woo-hoo.

We all celebrated by getting sick. First Big A, then me, then baby crumpet. The week ended with crumpet going to the doctors for her 6 months check-up and getting 3 big, fat shots. She came in at 27 inches and 17.9 pounds. This girl is going to be leggy.

She is entering a stage of rapid development. One day last week she simply learned how to use her tongue to swallow food so now her consumption has gone up & waste gone down. She has been rolling, and can occasionally sit up on her own - followed by a face plant. The sounds she make are becoming more clear. Not quite words but you can begin to hear vowles and distinct tones. She also likes to grab things. Any things. Especially the cats. Oh, and she now occasionally sleep through the night.

What can I say - days with the crumpet just gets funner & funner


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