Monday, July 24, 2006

San Diego Comic Con

For best coverage & photos visit Heidi's blog The Beat

Just got back from the ''Best Show on Earth'' that is officially named Comic-Con International in San Diego. Over 4 days and 125,000 people of pop-culture extravaganza. Publishers, movie studios, celebrities, gaming companies and even Fossil Watch all catered to the fans - increasingly family with kids in tow - as nervous execs back home browsed the net in search of any surfacing.

I will leave the general reporting to the media & other bloggers. For me personally it was mostly meetings (over 90 of them) so I actually saw very little of the convention. My person favorite was by far the giant snake in the plane at the New Line booth.

SDCC is always a great venue to catch up with old friends and make new ones. Ran into Regina & David, who offered to be my personal-shopper and scored various Totora tshirts & toys. Kay from Austin, who today is selling her nearly 5 foot long hair to a movie studio. Juyoun and Mijeong from Seoul who brought me chocolate filled with soju. Kenny who brought me toys from Singapore and Jen-O and news of her growing romantic ties to the ''man from Glasgow''

Best dinners - Brasilian ''meat fest'' with Pat, Ayala, Josh & Terry highlighted by the cute bartender who is half Brasilian and half Japanese. Love those hybrids considering I have one myself.

''Mole fest'' at El Agave with JY, MJ, Kenny, Jeanne, Josh & Terry while drinking very expensive tequilla chased by sangritas.

''Steak fest'' at Mortons with the folks at DC Comics

Best drinking - Club Altitude at Gaslamp Marriot with Kurt, Pat, MJ & JY. Rooftop garden and terrific people watching. All your California stereotypes are here - from fake blonde bimboes with enhanced breasts to your avg Russian mafia princess with 8-inch heels and enough diamond to cause Kanye West constipation. We considered telling one such bimbo that short denim skirt and white top has been out of fashion for year but feared for our personal safety.

Best parties - CBLDF's party in conjunction with Suicide Girls. Althought we decided there was not enough ''girls'' and too many ''suicide''

Joint party by Dark Horse, WETA and Gentle Giant to honor Ray Harryhausen included the unveiling of a life-size statue. The crowd marveled while the younger generation wondered what was all the fuss and quickly went back to their margaritas.

Best after-party - my room, 3 am, streaming KEXP and drinking champagne from the mini-bar

I wish I wish I wish - i have more time next year to actually see the convention & spend time with friends


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