Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Team Allen

Kate, John, Sophia & Amelia Allen came to visit from Mansfield, MA

Kate was the first person I met when I moved to NY. Our offices were next to each other at Ballantine. At the time she lived in a tiny apartment on Ave A above a pizza place & sketchy reggae store. Her boyfriend John had a small apt on St Marks above a tattoo parlor that also served capucchino with his two cats, Milo & Sabine. For years we had a Monday Night Football ritual where John made hot wings while Kate read her magazines.

That was 15 years ago. Fast forward to 3 kids, 4 cats & suburb living. If anything we're having even more fun today. In 6 days we covered a lot of ground - Mt Baker, Gasworks Park, Pike Place Market, Aquarium, Zoo, the Ballard locks & salmon fish ladder for starters. Oh, and there was the Pies & Pints blow-out.

With such as big team we cooked at home most of the time. BBQing like crazy. John is an amazing cook so I felt compelled to not embarass myself. Out came cedar plank halibut, maple plank salmon, ribs, pork chop, brats & rib eyes. Much wine & beer (Dick's IPA) were consumed and much fun was had by all.

We'll see Team Allen in Boston during the holidays and secretly hoping one day the brutal New England winter will drive them to the beautiful Pacific Northwest.


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