Monday, August 07, 2006

Team Bidon

Leo showing baby crumpet who is the boss + enjoying a Belgian ale

Justine, Nico & Leo Bidon visited Team Mia from London (Clapham South to be exact)

Justine & Nico are old friends. Justine is a world-famous artist who have shown her work in New York, Atlanta, San Francisco, London & Geneva + a show coming up in Scotland. Plenty of her art decorates our humble home. You can see her art here.

Nico is a hacker, excellent cook & superb sax player. He is currently building a website for people to swap vacation homes. Check it out here.

Leo is their 22 months old offspring. He is both a cutie-pie and all around terror. Qualities common among 2-year olds. We spend a few days hitting up the sights in Seattle (Volunteer Park, Five Spots...), hiking, drinking & hot tubbing in Mount Baker and generally lounging around in the backyard & using that good 'ol grill.

Baby crumpet was quite fascinated by a 2-year old boy. The cats were terrified.


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