Thursday, May 24, 2007

Italy ho!

Many of you have to Italy.

But how many have been inside an Italian police station?

I had my bag stolen in Bologna while attending a conference. I went downtown to make a police report and boy that was an interesting experience. The scene inside is almost straight from a Roberto Bangini movie - cops arguing loudly everywhere with wild hand gestures. Seriously. EXAMPLE - when I was done someone had to show me out. The lady cop who has been taking my statement clearly did not feel like doing it so she asked the male cop standing by the door (doing what? I'm not sure). He was, well, not amused by the suggestion and they went at it for a few minute before he relented and took me out.

The rest of the trip - which included visits to Firenze, Pienza & Moltepuciano was full of wine & food - excuse me - great food. We're talking about wild boar, porcini mushroom, steak florentine, wild artichokes and of course gelato (chestnut is my favorite)

On the way I somehow managed to smuggle in a suitcase full of pecorino cheese, wild boar salami & prociuto, vin santo, truffle oil, dried porcini mushrooms and lots of different spices.

Stopped by Amsterdam for a day (mostly to pick up siroop waffleins - the caramel in the center cookies that is totally irresistable) and ran smack into QUEEN' DAY - one of the biggest celebration in Dutch Land. Enjoyed watching thousands of organge-clad dutch dance & sing and get drunk & stoned on the cobble streets.