Saturday, October 20, 2007

It was twenty-one months ago today....

...Baby Crumpet taught the band to play

State Fair!

Staying with the animals theme, Baby Crumpet took us to the Western Washing State Fair in Lynden.

Always my favorite fair. Loads of horses, piglets, goats, massive bunnies and a heck of a cow milking contest (the same hunky boy won it two years in a roll. He didn't just win, he crushed the competition)

This year I stayed away from the german bratwurst corn dog on a stick. I'll leave that to your imagination.

Highlight #1 - a very entertaining renaissance faire style joust

#2 - totally awesome chariot horse race. You can almost hear Lisa Gerrad signing the Gladiator theme song in your head as team of miniature ponies crash around the course in breakneck speed and thundering hooves.

and Crumpet decided to get ''clippy''

wild animal park

While visiting the Olympic National Park - Baby Crumpet took us to visit a wild animals park.

It's one of those park where you drive around in your car and different animals come up to your window to enjoy the white bread *(purchased at front door). I have not done one of these since I was a kid myself. It was really fun, we saw all sorts of cool animals: bison, brown bear, moose, elk and lamas to name a few. They really just come right up through the window looking for that bread, which they have to occasionally fight the Crumpet for it.

We were there early in the morning and just happened to see the warden walk through the ''big cats'' areas. Now, the warden is a women in her at least 50+ with neatly coiffed hair. As she sweeps the area all the cougars, leopards, lions and pumas just get oh so excited to see ''mom''. Reminded when I was traveling with the Ringling Bro Circus in Indiana (long story) and how the staff would kid around with the tigers.

Friday, October 19, 2007


Can you tell I'm just getting to our summer photos?

Swimming at grandparents' pool in Boston - the Crumpet looks both freaked out and excited


Summer is short around here so Baby Crumpet decided to have a BBQ

St Louis style pork ribs (sauce - jack daniels, crushed sage & raspberries)

Cedar plank king salmon (honey lime, yogurt, mango)

Tequila lime burgers

Smoked salmon dip with cajun garlic sauce & capers

Red/green lettuce salad with blue cheese, walnut, raspberries, blackberry, ginger & balsamic vinegar

Fresh smoothies (mango, peach, banana, rasperry)

Jenni made blue cheese potato salad

Gracie made lemon cupcaks

Tomoko made her special dessert bars

Ewan made bread pudding

Guests: Desiree, Tomoko, Masa, Collins, Leya, Ewan, Leo, Jacope (who is a Count from Italy; long story), Nathan, Jenni, Jim, Nancy, Dan, Kurt & Sabrina

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Justine & Nicholas celebrated their 2nd child - Batiste

More pics!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Queen Anne Condo for sale

We're selling our condo in Queen Anne (Seattle)

2 BR, 2 BA. Deck. Fireplace. Garage. Partial view of the Sound.


Let us know if you know anyone who is interested.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Raspberry ahoy

Baby Crumpet took us to the Raspberry Festival in Lynden.

Did you know that 95% of raspberries in the US is grown in this area due to ideal climate & soil conditions?

Baby Crumpet enjoyed running free and eating 'berries right off the vines

Fuzzy Wuzzy

Baby Crumpet took us to a petting zoo out by Sequim, Olympic National Park

A whole lot of fuzziness going around, also a gotat taking a dump

Gi-Joe's wedding

Baby Crumpet took us to Ginnie-Joe Blue's wedding (to Sal) in Mount Baker.

In classic Baker fashion - wedding was outdoors featuring a potlock, band (Gertrude's Hearse), hoola hoops, fire dancers, kegs of beer and everyone was bare feet

Gi-Joe is in the red dress

Elvis Fox

Photo of Jayson - son of Ian & Wichuda - our friends who live Ha Noi

This is how you eat corn