Friday, April 20, 2007

Baby Crumpet @ 1.25

Mia hit 15 months yesterday, or is that one year and 3 months? These year/months thing confuse me. When can we use whole years like real people?

She is doing - amazingly great. She is healthy, eats like dad (loves dumplings & pasta), drinks latte like mom and loves animals (bigger the better)

With the weather getting better we're spending more time on our deck and going out to parks & playgrounds. We're trying to find time to take her to the Zoo.

Latest word: Whoa.


Been reading up on the benefits of grass-fed beef. Turns out it's hard to find. Got two local farmers and one in Oregon that supplies Whole Food.

Made baked halibut with blue cheese - yummy. Slather halibut with the blue cheese dressing (made with crumbled blue cheese, milk, mayo & diced garlic) then topped with a little salt, black pepper & shallots. Baked at 350 degrees until done, then finish in broil for a few minutes to brow the shallots on top.

Heading to Bologna, Italy next week for a business conference. First time to the food capital of the world. I'm drooling already....

Bumper stickers

I'm less lean
I'm less mean
I'm still a Marine

Don't like logging?
Use plastic toilet paper

My cat is smarter than my president

That's OK
I wasn't using my civil liberties anyway

If you want a nation ruled by religion
Move to Iran

Bad President!
No Banana

Friday, April 06, 2007

300 Kittens

Totally pointless, you should check it out.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Baby Crumpet Walking

Video: Baby Crumpet doing her Frankenstein impression

Mia started walking about 3 weeks ago. She is doing very well, although she walks with her arms sticking out, like a zombie.

The cats, are terrified.

Cat training

Video of Baby Crumpet thinking about a future of Vegas, being gay, and training big cats.