Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Fashion victim

this is what happens when they dress themselves

Crumpet does Minnesota

Baby Crumpet & dad (me) took a trip to Minneapolis (without mom!) to visit our good friends Amy, Eric, Frances & Louise.

Here you can see the Crumpet having a grand time slumber party style with Frances & Lou.

Here is a video of the girls in action.

Amy runs the fabulous Chowgirls Killer Catering while Eric is, well, a rockstar.

We tried out a new back-pack for the Crumpet. It worked out well but she walked so much at the Minneapolis airport she ended up getting blisters on her toes. Now that's putting her to work!

OPK: Calvin

Calvin Breen Ankenman.

Proud owner of our deal friend Amanda.

Joined us on April 5th 2008.

OPK: Sharika

OPK (other people's kid). This is Sharika, owner of our dear friends Paul & Sona.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Cinco Nathan

Baby Crumpet was invited to her friend Nathan's five years old birthday, so she took us with her.

It was at this place where they have ginormous inflated slides & party rooms, where the kids gorged on cupcakes & other yummy treats.

Afterwards King Nathan sat in his throne and received gifts from his royal subjects. A grand time was had by all. Here is a video of the birthday party.

St. Paddys 2008

Baby Crumpet hosted our annual St Patricks Day bash.

On the menu this year were:

Corned beef cooked for 9 hours in beer (wanted to cook for 10 - and could have used that last hour) and loads of fancy peppercorn & mulling spices, then finished in the oven with a mustard & honey glaze.

Instead of cabbage I used fresh sauerkraut then sauteed with purple cabbage (for color), back bacon and homemade chicken stock.

This year's version of Sheppard's Pie was made with a blend of chorizo and mild italian sausage.

As usual Gracie brought her signature Irish soda bread (served with Kerrygold Irish butter).

Merry time was had by all, highlighted by Don in a hat and Justin in an utilikilt.

Thanks to all in attendence: Don & Carol, Jim, Jenni & Nathan, Desiree, Chris, Gracie & Justin, Darcy, Leah and Fleetwood.