Saturday, January 19, 2008

Postcard from Europe

Ion-Marc & his son Julian on the Alps

Can you guys please look less French?

Holiday in Morocco

Team Mia hosted our annual Holiday Party and this year's theme was ''Morocco''. Gracie & I trotted out our Djalleba robes for this festive occasion. It was great to see everyone - Desiree, Tomoko, Masa, Jim, Jenni, Nathan, Todd, Jaime, Autumn, Aidan, Wendy, Nancy, John, Cathy, Maya, Don, Carol, Leah, Rochelle, Scott, Jen & Darcy.

The food, ah, the food.

Main dish was the tagine. I used an Australian leg of lamb, chopped it up and stewed it with saffron, lamb shank, tomatoes, red & russet potatoes & summer squash. I normally used preserved lemon but my local wholefood were sold out so I used caperberry & cipolini onions - well - the results were not as good but the lamb turned out very tender & juicy.

The real crowd pleaser was the Pastilla which involved making a mixture of roasted chicken (in Morocco they use pigeon), almond, onion & spices then roll in several layers of philo dough, bake, then serve with powdered sugar. Wow this was a hit. Thanks to Darcy for the assistance.

Baked onions w/t cream & rosemary

Carrot salad w/t garlice, parsley & olive oil

Rice with raisins & almonds

Great time was had by all - thanks for coming!