Thursday, November 15, 2007

It's easy being Green

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL - not exactly a bastion of liberal ideas, recently ran a special report on ways each individual can help the environment so we here would like to share our own tidbits.

Adrian drives a Prius and get's 50 miles per gallon not to mention zero emissions.

I barely drive at all. I work from home. Imagine if more Americans were allowed to work from home how much gasoline we would save, how much time we would save, how much better the air would be.

We use energy efficient light bulbs

We compost

We close doors to empty rooms to keep energy cost down. We use curtains & are looking into new, energy efficient windows.

We bring our own bags to buy grocery

We pay our utility company to supply us only with power from clean energy (wind, solar, hydro)

We don't wash our cats (would you?)

It just makes sense to save money, not shoot harmful chemicals into the air we breath and help to reduce global warming. It would be really nice if Baby Crumpet can grow up in a cleaner world.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I can Has Cheezburger?

moar funny pictures

This n' That

Crumpet turns 22 months old in a few days. Can't wait to shed this ''month'' thing and move into ''Years''

Potty training is in full force. Sometimes a nice surprise is a, ur, surprise.

Quick trip two weeks ago to Nashville. Visited Karen's new digs & re-visited her cats Frances & Faye. Had BBQ at Jack's. Learned how to play Beer Pong.

Quick trip last week to New York. Crashed at La Gringa's pad and spent endless hours surfing funny cat blogs. At least this time we didn't burst into singing Sweeney Todd. Yummy dinner at Flors Kitchen.

Fabu dinner in Seattle with Gracie at Tilth, a lovely restaurant nestled in the corner in Wallingford. Organic, fresh & creative. Highlights include mini duck burger, rabbit rillet and smoked gnocchi w/t lemon preserves & kale.

Going to Mazatlan next shoes on Thanksgiving Day....

Looking ahead to Crumpet turning two - thinking about doing it in Vegas. The booze, gambling & showgirls. Seems appropriate.

Good movie: Hoax starring Richard Gere (no, really)

Great movie: Borat (does not suggest watching on your personal DVD player on an air plane)

Bad movie: Spider-Man 3 (boring....)

Downloaded tons of new music but have not listened to them all yet: new Duran Duran, Queen live album, Jay-Z, Annie Lennox, Seal, Shaggy, Trisha Yearwood.

The new Robert Plant/Alison Krause album is STUNNING

Crumpet's favorite new book: How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight (she goes to bed right after reading this book. Wow.)

Ribs in Boston

Baby Crumpet took us to Boston to visit the Allens (John, Kate, Sophia, Amelia, Sabine & Olive)

John whipped out a gorgeous meal with smoked chicken & st louis style ribs. The two older girls were eager to show Crumpet around their world. Sophia is the original ''baby bok-choy'' and was the first baby among us 30-something crowds and gets credit for proving that, hey - kids can be fun & awesome! This moment of clarity was later enforced with the arrival of Amelia, a hurricane of a personality & one of the greatest kid I've ever met. The Crumpet would do well to be in their company. Back room deals are made for a joint-family operation in a warm place somewhere in the near future

Master Blaster

Baby Crumpet meets Cormac (Master Blaster) DeJean.

The scene: CosmoGirl's wedding
The place: post-wedding snack tent
The verdict: Crumpet does not wish to share her snack

For more on Master Blaster check out his old man's brilliant blog TonerLow

Cosmo wedding

Baby Crumpet took us to CosmoGirl and HikeEnder's wedding at a beautiful farm in Connecticut.

Highlight included horse carriage rides (where the bride's Chinese aunt burst into Amazing Grace for no real reason), outdoor bar and a moving toast by the bride's Germany uncle (whose wife later burst into songs as well for no real reason)

Crumpet decided wedding is a great place to dress up, eat snacks and meet singles.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

La Gringa has moved

La Gringa has a new home

Sunday, November 04, 2007

When Sheeps Go Bad

For Halloween Baby Crumpet was a sheep and her mother was Big Sheep and together they went to Big A's company - where everyone else also dressed up.

Baby Crumpet enjoyed being a sheep, eating candy & helping to carve 2 pumpkins.

The Man from Minnesota

My buddy Michael Croy visits Baby Crumpet from Minnesota.

On the table is a cedar-plank roasted halibut with ginger-lime sauce.

Free Fish Taco Day

On September 29th we ran a Free Fish Taco Day promotion at our restaurant, CB's Taqueria. We got a nice mention in the local paper and more importantly got tons of new customers to come & try our famous fish tacos.

The idea of the promotion is based on Free Comic Book Day, which is in itself based on Baskin Robbin's Free Ice Cream Scoop Day.

I'm open to new ideas. Free Pet My Cat Day. Free Wash My Car Day and so on...