Monday, February 04, 2008

Crumpet & cats

Crumpet loves cats. In fact we've been thinking about getting her a kitten and spent the weekend visiting shelters (only to find the ''perfect'' cat when we had dinner with Terry & Judine Brooks this week & met their new cat - Yoda - so name because the share the same ears. Yoda is like the coolest cat EVER. Wish he belonged to Crumpet).

For proof here is a video of Crumpet's daily ritual feeding our cats

Holiday in Mass/Maine

Team Mia spent a whirling holiday tour of New England. Here are the highlights.

Family in Bedford. Grand-parents + great-grandma Dot. Ivan, Heather + cousin Abby. Many great meals including a few we cooked - bouilebasse and lamb tagine. Went to Wholefoods on Christmas Eve. Wow that was an experience. Store was so crowded they ran out of shopping carts.

Went to party at Becky & Peter's in Bedford (Adrian's childhood friends). Caught up with many others including Kate.

Visited John, Kate, Sophia & Amelia in Mansfield. As usual John prepared a fantastic meal (smoked chicken + spreads). Received news Kate's sister Chris is expecting.

Visited Jeff & Vanessa up in Rockland, Maine. Had wonderful time + visited their house. They recently got married in St. Lucia. The photo album looked STUNNING.

All is all a fun, packed trip that covered a lot of friends & family. The deep ice & snow however reminded us why we live on the west coast.

SuperBowl Sunday

Gracie hosted a SuperBowl party. Great food as usual. Chocolate-chai brownies. Homemade pigs-in-a-blanket. Full on guac, cheese & salami spread. We contributed crab dip and roasted tomatoes. Dave & Shelley were also there.

Big A was the lone Patriots supporter as the rest of us relished seeing Brady ''the golden boy'' getting knocked around by the thuggish Giants front 4.

Overall we thought the commercials were very weak. Few were mildly clever - Bud / Clydesdale, Dorito/Rat, Fedex/Pigeons. Most were hideous. The was very offensive. All the car ads were a snooze. Careerbuilder was disgusting. Pepsi Max was close to being creepy. Everyone of those ad agencies should be fired.

Tom Petty looked old, but was good (of course). Consensus was a stage like SuperBowl need something with far more energy, like Poison (Shakira?)

Thanks to Gracie for letting us trash her place.